The Thirst Quencher

  • Base price $35/participant
  • Mix and enjoy 2 classic cocktails, sans alcohol
  • Choice of 2: Mexican Mule, Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, Color-changing Collins ($5 extra)
  • Each participant receives a cocktail kit with all ingredients (except ice) & garnish
  • Cocktail accessories and barware can be added for additional cost

Optional Add-ons

  • Copper Mule Mugs, $12/each (for Mexican Mule)
  • Collins Glasses, $10/each (for Tom Collins)
    • Old Fashioned Glasses, $10/each (for Old Fashioned)
    • Bamboo Muddler, $5/each (for Old Fashioned)
    • Bar Spoon, $7/each (for all drinks)
    • Collins Ice Tray, $12/each (for Tom Collins)
    • Single Sphere Ice Mold, $10/each (for Old Fashioned)
    • Crushed Ice Tray, $12/each (for Mexican Mule)
    • ADD IT ALL for a 10% discount

    Total Package Cost Options with All Add-ons

    • Mexican Mule + Old Fashioned + All Applicable Add-ons
      • $85.40/participant
    • Mexican Mule + Tom Collins + All Applicable Add-ons
      • $82.70/participant
    • Mexican Mule + Color-changing Tom Collins + All Applicable Add-on
      • $87.70/participant
    • Tom Collins + Old Fashioned + All Applicable Add-ons
      • $83.60/participant

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